The World Cup 2018 does not begin until June. However, last Friday was a crucial moment for 32 participating teams since that was the day the draw happened in which unveiled the 8 groups who will be competing in the first round of the tournament.

Compare to the past events, this year’s World Cup draw took place with certain changes. From geographical locations, the draw turned out with pots based on FIFA coefficient rankings. The top 7 teams have been placed in the first pot and so as the rest of other qualified countries in a descending order.

From 4 pots, 8 groups formed with each group consisted of one country from the first pot and 8 from the other pots, however with certain stipulations. For example, Germany could end up facing England or could be other European team. Each group should consist of no more than 2 UEFA nations or countries came from the same confederations. Click here for the full details:

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