Apr 08

The Logic to a winning card game

Card games are mostly games that involve two or more players. Like any other games that involve betting, the major reason people take part in them is to earn profit. Below are some of the... read more »

Apr 08

Sports Betting: 3 Keys to a Winning Mindset

Sports betting has grown in popularity among the people of the world today. People take part in it for various reasons. Some do it for fun while the majority take part in it as a way to... read more »

Apr 08

Managing your bankroll in Sports Betting

Betting is becoming one of the fastest-growing ways of entertainment. This is because as you have fun with the sport, you get to earn money. But as the saying goes, no risk, no gain. You... read more »

Apr 08

Beginner’s Poker Tactics that can even beat Pros

A poker game is a card game that mainly involves betting with chips. When playing poker, the sole purpose is to win the money in the pot. The pot contains bets that have been made by... read more »

Apr 06

What type of sports bettor are you?

Sports punters have one thing in common, they enjoy betting on sports. But they also differ in many ways. We have some punters who are skilled pro and who make huge profits while we have... read more »

Apr 06


It is everyone wish to win the game, most of our close friends makes a close follower up the latest news. They are tricky following regarding their best lovedsports they try and keep up to... read more »

Apr 06

3 Pieces of Advice on how to become a professional punter

One of the major goals of all punters is to become professional. One of the most educative quotes in the life of a punter is by Andrew Beyer, "I've learned that the worst thing that can... read more »

Apr 01

What To Consider When Betting on Rugby

Zig Ziglar was once quoted saying, 'You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.' This is true when it comes to rugby betting. One... read more »