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4 Helpful Sic Bo Tips and Tricks

Sic Bo, an ancient game from China, has garnered interest from gamblers in the United States and across the world. It is typically based on sheer luck rather than strategy. A number of experienced players, however, opine that some simple tips and tricks could help you improve your winning percentage.

While some Sic Bo tips are aimed at helping you win, some others are aimed at helping you manage your bankroll. In this article, we will be taking a look at some tips that can help you win big.

Bet on small or big

Your best bets on Sic Bo is betting on either big or small. Putting things in perspective, you should bet on the combination of your rolled dice being from 4 to 10 or from 11 to 17, respectively. These games typically have the smallest house edge.

Utilize combination bets

The Microgaming version of Sic Bo allows you to place your bet on a combination bet. The odds against this bet winning is put at a ridiculous 6:1, and the bet also has a low edge. In general, you can expect to come out tops once in every seven bets you place.

Avoid betting triples

Betting on a triple and winning means, you have predicted the only number that has come up on all three dice. Although this is a rarity, it remains a possibility. A triple bet is worth as much as 180:1. However, it is the riskiest bet one can make. For this reason, experienced Sic Bo shy away from playing triples; neither do they use them as additional bets. For all its worth, never play a triple bet as your main bet. This is because you are more likely to lose money this way.

Betting systems do not work.

Do not be fooled. No tactic, strategy, or plan is entirely fool-proof. In other words, no method guarantees continuous winning streaks. The betting system is designed to make the casino win in the long run. Still, with a few tactics, you can make decent wins. Since this game is primarily based on luck, only your intuitions can get you a win.