Basic Basketball betting tips

The NBA season is all set to begin from December 22. It has been a short off-season of 77 days and thus the finalists Miami Heat and LA Lakers hardly got enough time to recharge their batteries. We have some basic Basketball betting tips for you which can help you in getting your tips right.


  1. Check current form and statistics: Before picking your favourite team to bet on, make sure you check the current form of that particular team. The momentum plays a huge role in the outcome of the match. Also check the head to head record of two teams, which can help you in knowing which team will hold the advantage.


  1. Do your homework: It is essential for you to do your research before you put your money on the line. Check the best betting websites and also note what kind of bonus claims they are offering. It is also better to check with your friends or experienced players, who have some sort of experience with betting sites.


  1. Know about different types of Basketball bets: As a bettor, you should know what you are betting on. There are different kinds of bets in Basketball such as Points Spread, Game total, Parlay betting, Moneyline betting, Match outcome and the Team to score the first basket. You should know the details of each one of these before you put your money into the bets.


  1. Home advantage: The home team mostly holds its wood on the touring team as they know their conditions and they also have crowd support. Furthermore, the visiting team has to travel and the USA is a huge country. However, Covid-19 bubbles have almost negated this advantage.


  1. Strength and Weaknesses:Know which team has a better defense and which has a better offense. Also note which players can be the game changers and try to select your bet accordingly. Try to back a team which mostly comes up with collective efforts and are not dependent on performances of one or two players.