Basics of Casino Comp Points

We all, without a doubt, love to play at our favourite casino games by our favourite casinos. However, we sometimes want something in return for patronizing a particular casino outfit. One such reward we crave for is a casino comp points. While some casinos have that, others do not. You can earn rewards through accumulating casino comp points at casinos that offer you through. Let’s walk through the basics and must-knows of casino comp points.

What they are

To begin with, the word ‘comp’ is a shortened form of complementary. In the casino/gambling industry, they are understood as a reward for playing at an online casino. When you place wagers or spin a bet, a casino might reward you with comp points which you could later exchange for some reward.

As earlier discussed, not all online casinos have this reward system and those that do not run it by the same rules. Some might even choose to call it a different name. One such example of an alternative name is loyalty points. Whatever the case, the general concept remains the same.

How to start earning casino comp points

A little confused on how to earn casino comp points? Do not fret! A basic thing that should be established is that you only collect comp points when you play for real money. In other words, you cannot qualify for this reward system if you play in demo mode or free play. The best of casino comp programmes require you to bet with real cash.

You win comp points based on the value of cash you wager. However, the value of points given in return differs from one online casino to another. Take, for example, you might receive 1 comp for every $50 you wager at one online casino and possibly not get 1 comp at another if you’re not placing up to $100.


Written by: Roland Arum