Basketball Betting: Quick Guide in selecting most valuable bets

Basketball is one of the top four major professional games that is heavily followed and has a lot of fans around the globe.

It is a sensual game and is loved by both punters and non-punters. While the game is very simple to play and also bet on, for starters the strategies are a bit confusing.

As one grows in the knowledge of basketball, strategies start oozing from them but this guidebook will give you a head start on how best to bet on basketball. The strategies provided below should hand in hand with your strategies.

3-pointers vs 2-pointer

Paying close attention to how a team makes most of their scores and their consistency is important. A team relying heavily on the 3-point baskets is good but it is easy to freeze and break 3-pointer than when posting up and driving to the hoop.

The fact is, the most winning teams in NCAA championships are mostly teams that drive the ball to the hoop than those that make most of their points outside the arc.
Team’s activity schedule

Fatigue is the number one enemy in any basketball match. A team might have played a lot of games in the week while their opponents played only one or non. A team that had played a lot of games in the recent past, the players are likely to be tired and slower compared to their opponents hence likely to lose the game.

Also, take a look 0n their traveling plan. If the players have traveled from far, there are bound to be tired from the traveling hence slower.

Loses on the big dogs

If a big-titled team and, probably a champion team had lost on any previous game, then they will be fired upon getting embarrassed on their previous match. These teams are likely to win to prove themselves.

Betting on these teams is a sure bet because they are determined and desperate to show they still rule. Basketball is a cool and exciting game to watch or bet on. Try using these strategies and bet on a match and see how it plays out.