Best Keno Tips For Beginners

How to play keno: an easy guide

Keno is inarguably one of the most underrated games. Very few people have understood that keno is a game of sheer luck and not skill.

However, specific knowledge is essential to open the mind of the player. Its is essential for the player to first know the basic of the game before going into it.

For starters, keno is a game of numbers, just like bingo. The players are supposed to pick ten numbers, each ranging from 1- 80. Later the winning numbers are called out after a spin.

The difference between manual and online keno is that the spinning of the numbers in online keno is done by software. A player wins only after the number called out is in the lot they had chosen earlier.

As mentioned above, keno is a game of luck but not skills. Thus being said, it’s crucial to note that the algorithms sold online in the name of winning keno combos are a total hoax and a waste of money. Nobody has the basic set of winning numbers’ therefore, waste not dime in purchasing for such number combinations.

The first step of learning how to play online keno is understanding the basics. Each player is presented with a placard containing 80 numbers. From these numbers, the player is expected to choose 20 random numbers.

The criteria of choosing the numbers do not matter. After picking, a unique software performs the spins and calls out the winning 20 numbers. The winning numbers a player has, the more the winning stakes. Thus, the player with the highest number of winning digits gets the highest payout.

Players tend to have predictable wager formats. Each player has a preferred format used to select their numbers. These formats include;

i. Cold numbers: this strategy employs room for bending of the game rules. This room accommodates the ability of a player to select a number that is not o their placard. These numbers are referred to as cold numbers. The players select these unrepresented numbers hoping that they will be called out among the winning numbers. Although a considerable risk, some players have mastered the ‘art.’

ii. Hot numbers: Other players put their money on numbers that appear most in previous games. These numbers are referred to as hot numbers, and e somewhat believed to be the lucky numbers. However, this is just a gamble like another. Thus, there is no guarantee that a hot number is a winning number.

iii. Favorite numbers: most players tend to have their favorite numbers. These are numbers that they believe carry luck for them. For some, the number combination does not change during any game, i.e., they use the same number combination for all their games.

iv. Successive numbers: some players wager on numbers that follow each other according to the number line. Others go for successive number pairs and so on.

These number picking strategies are personal choices and have no value attached to them whatsoever. They are, therefore, more of playing styles than strategies and contain no mathematical formulas attached.

Besides learning the basics of playing, there are basic investment rules that should always guide each player, more so the new ones in the game. These rules include;

i. Never invest in more than you are willing to lose. Remember that this a gamble, and losing is also an option. There is no guaranteed success in all your trials.

ii. Take advantage of the bonuses offered in your casino of choice. Most online casinos offer handsome bonuses to a new player to attract and maintain them. These bonuses are vast boosters of the game as they either work to give you free games or higher winning stakes. Play like a learned person.

iii. Do not compensate bets. Instead of making massive deposits to compensate for earlier losses, make small but consistent investments. That reduces the losing margins but also maintain the playing stakes.

I hope this piece has gone a long way into providing the much-needed information for a new keno player. Play responsibly!