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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Playing Slots

Playing slots is one of the most attractive games in the casino. This not unconnected to the fact that it is perceived to be a very easy game. Hence, gambling rookies readily jump on it as the very first casino game to try out. To make this game rewarding, rookies should learn from the mistakes of their counterparts. From these mistakes, they can develop a workable strategy. Here are some mistakes you should never commit when playing slots.

Betting big to recover losses

This is one of the biggest pitfalls of amateurs and professionals alike. Trying to overplay or bet big to recover losses hardly turns out well for anybody. Chasing losses, in fact, lead to heavier losses. In slots, you should never get too emotionally attached or downcast by a losing streak. Playing without emotional attachments help you to be logical in your decisions as opposed to making irrational moves.

Ignore the promotions

Promotions and signup bonuses are popular ploy employed by casinos to attract customers to their outfit. While it is easy to pass on these bonuses because of their seemingly inconsequential values, they might be just enough to turn the game on its head and save you from a downward spiral. Leverage on these bonuses and cashbacks and they could be all you need to change a losing streak to a winning one.

Failing to account for volatility

In general, volatility in slots is defined as how often a slots game will payout. As expected, high volatility does not payout that frequently. However, a single payout can turn out really huge and vice-versa.

With a small bankroll, there is every possibility that you play a high volatility game for several hours on the trot without hitting it big. You should always factor in this possibility.  That is to say, if you are looking to play for longer hours, low volatility slots are the recommended approach.

Sticking to only one type of slot

It is possible to get a lucky casino shot playing the same type of slots. However, you would be denying yourself the opportunity to gain experience with other slots. If you keep losing over and overdoing the same things, it is high time you considered a change in the type of slot you played.


Written by: Roland Arum