Sports Betting - Effесtіvе Wауѕ tо Keep Trасk оf Your Bеtѕ

What type of sports bettor are you?

Sports punters have one thing in common, they enjoy betting on sports. But they also differ in many ways. We have some punters who are skilled pro and who make huge profits while we have other recreational types who like getting action on their favorites.

They all have an important part they play. Below is a broken-down list of bettors to help you figure out in which category you fall into.

1.Professional punters

I.Market makers

These are the first bettors who put up a huge sum of money to the betting exchange. The outstanding benefit of being a market maker is that they decide where the odds are to begin at.

This allows small punters the opportunity and freedom to bet on their favorites without wondering whether their bets will be matched. You must have strong analytic principles or risk losing money if you want to become a market maker.

II.Fundamental punters

The main difference between market makers and fundamental punters is more a matter of how and when they enter the exchange market. While market makers enter the exchange market first, fundamental bettors who are mostly organizations crunch the sports data hence coming up with better odds than the rest of the market on the prediction of an event.

III.Trader punters

This group mainly bets on how the market is going to change. They bet on the market dynamics but not the underlying reality that the market has.

All they require is that there be a fair share of money before they come in. Trading requires a lot of close watching of the market and patience because what they do is, make many small-sized, time-sensitive bets and then reverse them seconds or minutes later.

2.Recreational bettors

IV.Casual punters

This is the beginning step of many punters. It starts with knowledge and interest in a particular sport or competing teams. Punters look at the Moneyline for an event and place their bets accordingly. They use a sportsbook and are likely to place a back bet if they are using a betting exchange.

V.High roller punters
The sheer amount of money placed in a bet is what separates the casual and high roller punters. Their saying is the greater the risk, the greater the rewards and are likely to place their bets from a few hundred to tens of thousands of dollars.

Now that you have the facts at hand, you can comfortably place your betting life in the weigh and see where you fall at.