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3 Cool Playing Tips For Sic-Bo

You are probably seeing the name ‘Sic Bo’ for the first time. However, it is one other interesting game you might be willing to explore should you get tired of the more popular ones like video poker and slots. Call it a Roulette variant, and you might not be so far from the truth. It is an ancient Chinese game that is played on a table that looks very much like that of a roulette’s.

In a nutshell, the Chinese game is a game of chance played using three dice. Though it is primarily based on chance, there are some tips that can help you come out tops nine out of ten times if implemented.

Resist the temptation of betting on too many areas

Sci-Bo gives you the opportunity to place multiple bets. This is particularly true if you are playing online. In online casinos, you can bet up to 16 areas all at the same time. Placing these many bets is, however, not ideal. You might get lucky on some, but you will definitely come out with more losses.

Rather than splash cash on several areas, take out time to analyze all your betting options. Note the chances of winning for every one of them and if the eventual payouts are worth it.


Place the most bets on the big or small area

We recommend placing big and small bets. This is because they have the best odds and, as expected, the smallest house edge. It is characteristic of some land-based casino players to bet on only these areas. However, if you find this rather boring, you can explore other betting options. Still, your highest bets should be on the big or small areas.


Do not patronize the gambler fallacy

This is a myth common amongst gamblers. It is suggested that if something happens very frequently at the moment now, it will rarely occur later on. In other words, if the dice have been bringing out very large sums for a long while, there is a high chance that a lot of small ones will follow after.

This is, however, a fallacy as the dice’s outcomes do not depend on what happened previously. This is the case regardless of the game type being played.