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3 Most Common Blackjack Mistakes

Sometimes winning or losing games at a casino needs some element of luck. This is the case, regardless of how simple or tricky the game is. However, some of them leave room for implementing the right strategies. In these sorts of games, deploying the wrong strategy can force you to part ways with a few hundreds if not a fortune. Let us take a look at common mistakes blackjack players are guilty of making. Avoiding these mistakes can help you benefit from them both in the short and long term.

Not hitting soft 18 when the dealer shows either 9 or 10

If you have burrowed through contents on blackjack tips scattered over the web, the odds are that you have seen pieces that ask you to assume the dealer’s hole card is worth 10. In this case, your Ace-7 hand is likely to lose whenever the dealer is showing a 9 or 10. The result is, however, usually counterproductive. If you find hitting on soft 18, the best thing to do is to hit it. It has been proven that you lose more frequently by standing against these cards.

Failing to double on 11

Most contents on the web recommend that you always double on 11. They suggest that the only exception should be if the dealer is showing an ace. This is very true. Even if you are up against their 10 or a face card, you should seize the opportunity to make huge profits. Doubling on an 11 would pay you more frequently than you would get burned if you chose to doubt it.

Not spilling pairs often enough

This is one of the basic tricks of blackjack. It is important that you always split 8’s and aces. However, these are not the only pairs you should split. A good split is splitting 9 each time the dealer fails to show any of 7, 10, or an ace. It is also recommended that you do this with 7s as well when you are faced with any card other than any of 8, 9. 10, or an ace.