3 Types of Keno Games and How They Work

Like every other game, for you to be a pro at Keno, you need to know the several types of games offered in keno.

A lot of people enjoy playing keno. A study has shown that a lot of visitors to land-based casinos only play keno games.For you to play effectively in keno, you have to know the types of gameplay present. These games differ in areas of technology and presentation but their core nature is the same. They are:


This is a regular form of the game. it involves a physically numbered ball. The Keno Booth is the area where drawings take place. Players bet on one or more numbers. There are two ways of determining the winning number

a)The blower- balls are properly mixed by air forced pumped into a hopper. Winning balls are then blown into a v-shape tube for confirmation.

b)The ball cage- To ensure a random result, the balls are placed in a metal cage, spun then rolled into a slot for verification by an official.


Players first deposit credits in a machine to get started then choose a series on the number between 10 to 20. The machine using RNG will select the winning digits and payout. To cash out the player must pres a button to receive their winnings or finance the next match


First players use their credit cards to register for an account. Then they can play keno by place a bet online and choosing number series from 4 to 20. The online software chooses numbers randomly after the selection has been made. The layers are awarded based on the number of their matches. Winning is always accredited to the account of the player.

For you to be a pro and also enjoy the game, experiment on the games and identify where your luck lies. There is no hard or easier game in keno, they are equivalent. Trying them out will be a good way to start your way up the keno pro list.