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All you need to know about Bingo

Bingo is another one of the easiest online games, which is based on pure luck. No expertise is required to play Bingo but you must know all the rules of the game. We will discuss all the Bingo rules in this article which will help you in understanding the game.


Each player buys at least one ticket, which is made up of a grid of numbers. When the game begins, number balls are picked and their numbers are called up. The Player has to cross the number on his ticket which is being called up.


The objective of the player is to cover the specific pattern of all the numbers in rows, columns, diagonals and full house. There are three common types of Bingos:


  1. 75-ball. 2. 75-ball variant. 3. 90-ball.


In 75-ball bingo, there are 75 numbered balls that can be called and tickets are bought individually. Each ticket is made up of 5*5 grid with five numbers in each row, apart from the centre one. This is called the free square and it can be used to complete rows, columns and the diagonal lines with the completion of four numbers.


In the 75-ball variant, there is no free square and three tickets are bought together. In both 75-ball and 75-ball variant Bingo, there are five prizes up for grabs. The first prize is for a player who makes a line in any direction. After that, it is just horizontal lines and the last prize is a full house.


In the 90-ball Bingo, there are 90 numbers. There are five numbers each in three rows. The prizes are given for making the first line, second line and a full house.