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Basic Poker Strategies To Help You Tower Over Your Counterparts

Logic and strategy are a significant part of any successful poker player’s game. There are a couple of tactics that could help players tower over their counterparts at the casino. Some of these winning poker strategies will be highlighted in this article:

The Rock

This is otherwise known as the tight-passive style of play. Players are not to make any bets or raises unless they are confident they could turn the game in their favour. This strategy is best deployable in only very few cases. This would usually depend on the technique of the opponent. This withdrawn style keeps your opponent at bay and prevents him from finding loopholes and weak spots in your playing pattern.

Should you successfully make a hand and there still remains some draws left on the table that can challenge you if raised, frustrate your opponents by making it unprofitable for them. Your opponents generally stand a greater chance of losing money to you if they call in frequently. Do not play until you have to correct price. Also, compel your opponents to pay more than your set price.

One of the biggest perks of this strategy is that there’s a limitation on the number of good starting hands. This inadvertently reduces the probability of you losing in the game.


TAG an acronym of tight-aggressive player is a popular tactic among poker players. Here, players play few hands and regularly raises or bets. Yet, they hardly make any calls. Players are rather selective and are only likely to play their best starting hands. Players who deploy this tactic are generally patient. They’d usually not raise till they are provided with the best striking opportunities.

TAG players are widely known as sharks. This is because this tactic is easily effective at winning games. This is true regardless of the gaming variation or betting model that is being used for the game.

LAG play

This strategy is also known as loose-aggressive play. Players who use this strategy deal many hands while simultaneously betting and raising frequently. However, they hardly call any bets. It must however be said that it should only be deployed by very experienced players. This is because it is a high-stake strategy.


Written by: Roland Arum