Basic tips for Tennis betting

It is essential for you as a punter to know some tips on how to win while betting at Tennis. We have some strategies and tips which you can go through before putting your money in Tennis betting.

  1. Type of tournament: Check on which type of tournament you are betting on. There are four major Grand slam tournaments in a Tennis calendar – Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Then there are other competitions like ATP Masters 100, ATP World Tour Finals, which also hold great value.
  2. Type of surfaces:Different players have their strength on the type of surfaces they are playing. They might be effective on a particular surface but they could have some weaknesses on other surfaces. For example – Rafael Nadal is almost invincible on clay whereas Roger Federer has a terrific record on grass.
  3. Form and head to head analysis: Always check the form of both the players in the recent past. Remember to also check the head to head analysis of the players on whom you are betting on the particular surface they will be playing.
  4. If you are betting on the 1st round matches, try to avoid betting on players who have won the recently concluded previous tournament as there are factors like jet lag and fatigue, which can lead to the downfall of the player.
  5. Rankings: You can also check the ATP rankings to note which player would likely have the advantage in a particular contest.
  6. Do your homework: It is imperative for you to search the right data and collect as much information you can regarding the players and the match on which you will bet. The more you would know, the better will be your chances of winning.