Beginner Questions On Online Casinos Answered

Beginner Questions On Online Casinos Answered

Online casinos might seem like a tricky world for most first timers. This guide is aimed at helping beginners understand better what online casinos are all about. Here are a few questions commonly asked by beginners about online casinos.

What is an online casino?

This is an internet based mechanism of gambling that allows individuals play games in real-time. You have the option of participating in live or real bets with or without real money. For the most part, the spectrum of games available at an online casino include poker, slots, roulette and blackjack. There are two main versions of online casinos – the download and the no download versions.

In the download version, you are required to download a particular software before you are allowed to play. In general, download casinos have the best features, sounds and graphics. In the No Download versions, you can play directly through any web browser with flash or java technology.

How safe is it to play at an online casino?

We can from a point of authority state that reputable online casinos are safe to play at. A proper indication of the credibility of an online casino is what software they use. The biggest software providers include Cryptologic and Bossmedia. None of these service providers will be willing to risk their reputation for some shady deals by an online casino. Hence brands that use these software providers are considered credible and safe to register with.

redible online casinos also make use of 128-bit encryption. This limits the chances that your private information or financial transaction is intercepted by a hacker.

Is it legal to play at an online casino?

There are no direct answers to this one. This is because different countries have different rules bordering gambling and online gambling. If you have issues concerning the prevailing laws on your country, you can call the local authority for clarifications.

That said, it is highly unlikely that you will be prosecuted for signing up with an online casino. Registration with an online casino would normally mean that they take responsibility. Hence, if there are any laws breached as regards legality, they would be held accountable and not you.


Written by: Roland Arum