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Best Online Slot Games For Ladies

Gambling has, for years being male-dominated. However, women are now sneaking into this space and are getting more involved in gambling-related activities. In fact, a recent report shows that in countries like Sweden, lady gamblers are in the majority.

Who gambles more – men or women

Australia, Canada, and the USA reportedly have the largest share of gamblers per capita in the world. There was an exponential growth in the gambling industry of these countries in the ‘90s, with Canadian men topping the charts. However, there’s a new wave of interests. Women are beginning to show interest in gambling, too, especially with the advent of online casinos.

Top Games for Women

Taking Canada as a case study, let us take a critical look at games ladies love to play at online casinos.

Lost Relics

This game developed by NetEnt game features a female archealogist who takes its users on an adventure. The adventure involves a treasure hunter and a female archaeogist sweeping their way through ancient ruins. The game’s animation is top drawer and makes user experience seamless. It also features coin win and free spins, among others.


In the game, you are allowed to explore the treasures of the Nordic heavens. Your character makes way to the Nordic heavens via Midgard, the popular Valkyrie, and Freya. A host of other characters are designed to keep you company throughout the journey. They include Helena, Gane Tyrsa, and Andora. This adventure game produced by Elk Studios comes with as much as 1024 winning combinations.

Agent Jane blonde

If you’ve ever wanted to be the female James Bond, Jane blonde should trick your fancy. The female spy is a determined agent willing and ready to pull down all challenges that come her way. This game has been a favorite amongst ladies since its release in 2005. Agent Jane isn’t only the heroine of the game, but the game’s Wild Card and Scatter. If you ever fall in love with this online slot, good news awaits you! It has a sequel named – Agent Jane Blonde Returns. In the game, you are also awarded 15 free spins and 3x multiplier.


Written by: Roland Arum