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Best Tips For Keno Beginners

Keno has a reputation for having a larger-than-usual house edge. Hence, most casino enthusiasts would pass this game for a seat at a poker table, or a slot or blackjack game. Truth be told, blackjack has a lower house edge. However, put a novice blackjack player at the table, and he could significantly increase the house edge.

That’s probably what Keno has going for it. There is much room for mistakes compared to others. Putting things in perspective, you have more room to make poor choices. However, these mistakes are hard to come by in the real sense of it.

All in all, Keno is a fun game, and applying a few tips can help you become better at it. With these tips, you can scale through the beginner stage quickly and establish yourself as a pro.

Ignore the jackpots

How ironic! Playing jackpots could help you win millions of dollars, isn’t it? However, you have to be realistic and consider the probability of that happening. How many times out of 10 would you be able to match all ten numbers for the largest prize category in Keno? It is more logical and profitable playing Powerball or Megamillions.

Limit the number of concurrent games

Theoretically, it is possible to play as much as 20 games on the same ticket. However, as a beginner, it is more logical to be patient and play little by little. We recommend that you do not play more than two games per ticket.

Understand the concept of hot and cold numbers

Hot numbers are numbers that were chosen in the last few drawings, while the cold numbers are those that were not picked in the recent drawings. Some Keno games publish these hot or cold numbers to appeal to gamblers who believe so much in these numbers.

There is a theory that these numbers have an influence on the randomness of the game. This is a myth, not supported by any particular theory. Therefore, it is essential you get better at the game before playing by any of the hot or cold-based Keno strategies.