Blackjack strategies

Blackjack Strategy Mistakes That You Are Making

Blackjack is, of course, a strategy card game, but having luck plays a part in the outcome of each round. Nonetheless, you need excellent skills and strategies as a card player to help you finish on top or lose.

There are some important things to note when playing blackjack. If you ignore them, they could turn into very serious blackjack mistakes and cost you some hard money.


Hitting a pair of 2s when the dealer shows a 7

It is better to start a card of 2 rather than splitting when the dealer shows a 7. It might seem like a wrong move, but it’s very smart.

Hitting a 4 is an apparent play, but the best move to make when a dealer shows a 7 is to split the 2s to get more money.


Choosing to not Split Aces

This is among the online blackjack mistakes that could cost you a lot of money. If you have a pair of Aces, this might possibly be a pretty weak hand. Think about it; what might you do with either a 2 or a 12? That seems pretty useless.

The best decision is to split them into two separate hands; thus, you can potentially have some mighty hands at your disposal that could subdue the dealer.


Standing on a Soft 18 when the Dealer Shows a 9

This is another common blackjack mistake, and it’s very understandable anyone would make this mistake. Having a total of 18 is great, but the truth is, your hand isn’t going to get better.

When the dealer shows a 9, there’s a high probability that the dealer has a 19, and your 18 won’t do anything but lose. The best decision to make when the dealer shows a 9, is to play a hit.


Splitting 10s

Another common mistake is to split 10s. You might think that a hand that starts with a single card valued at 10 is an excellent way to start. But that can be a mistake because a hard total of 20 is much better than the dealer will find it difficult to defeat you. Because the dealer must have a 21 to win against a 20.