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Booby-trapping Tactics to Defeat your opponents in a Poker war

Doyle Brunson once said “Poker is war. People pretend it is a game.” And just like in any war, nobody wants to lose.

People do all they can to win in war, even if it means getting dirty on the game. For you to win in a war, aggression, determination, and passion are a must-have. We can apply these war lessons to our poker game.

Losing is losing, even if it is in a game, and nobody likes losing. Below are some tricks that should get you the victory you deserve or don’t deserve; either way, it’s victory.

Play your stronger hand fast to build the pot and make money: Playing slowly is a mistake among competitors who are afraid of going after their opponents out of the jackpot when they have strong hands. You should wager on your stronger hand to raise the pot and to protect your value. Also, you should check:

•If it isimprobable for you to be outdrawn
•The range of your opponent is weighing heavily towards the hands with no value
•Scare cards aren’t many to stop you from getting the pot

Do not engage when you are not ready. This is a war warning. Do not play if you are not ready or out of the mood. Poker is a game of skills and you need to have a mind in the game when playing. You have better chances of winning if you are in a good mood. Fatigue or frustration that may kick in during the game is a sign for you to stop. By quitting the match you save yourself a lot of money you would have lost.

Have an adjustment plan: Adjusting is greatly influenced by your competitors’ game. Discovering what proneness your opponents have and making the best out of it allows you to beat them continuously. Also, keep an eye on the following:

•How aggressive your opponents are.
•The hand they are turning over
•When they play hands that don’t make sense

These three poker strategies will win you match after match. Incorporating them in your game will make you unbeatable.