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Craps Online: 6 Essential Strategies To Increase Your Chance of Winning

Craps is a casino table game played with two dice, a board, and chips to bet. It is a very quick-moving game but very exciting.

Craps has been a popular game since middle age. However, it is very popular in land-based casinos and not on the online platform. The game is slowly gaining recognition with online gamblers. It is just as fun as the land-based craps. If you haven’t played the game yet or you haven’t tried the online craps, here are a few pro tips on how to go about it.

Wait for Space

Online craps can accommodate 20 players at a time. There are chips shelves where the players place their bets. It is also how the dealers keep track of the game. You should always wait for a space to open up for your turn to play.

Shooter etiquette

The shooter lands the point to end the game. They remain the shooter in the new game. It is only when the shooter lands a seven on the play that they pass it to a new player. It is hard to watch an online craps game so you should learn the basic rules not to lose out on points.

Two dice rule

The game of craps is won with a combined value of 2 individual dice. Always remember to play with 2 dice since dealers do not accept individual die bets. Being a fast-paced game, ensure you always double-check your dice before betting to avoid losing a game unnecessarily.

Make bets when the dealer announces

The excitement around online craps game limits players from placing bets at any moment. To avoid stalling the game and annoying other players, place your bets when the dealer announces. No one likes to lull the excitement of the game.


It is important to remember that you can win or lose when you are not the shooter. Do not let the excitement make you lose sight of your chips. As long as your chips are on the table you can either lose or win. Shooters are not the only winners or losers in a game of online craps.

Craps Table Layout

Players do not need to learn the craps table layout because the dealers happily explain it to them. However, by not learning the table layout you limit yourself on the variety of bets you can play. This can cause you costly losses in the game.

A regular craps table has two identical sides on the left and right. There is no great difference with how the sides are played. Only that two dealers can operate one table at the same time when the game picks up.

The double pattern allows multiple bettors to play simultaneously. As a beginner always find an online crap game that satisfies your needs. There is a variety of online craps such as vegas craps and bank craps. Always read the rules to understand what the game entails before jumping in to play.