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High Roller Benefits and How You Can Enjoy Them

Do you play at a local casino close to your home or giant casino houses in Las Vegas? You can attest to the fact that nothing can be compared to gaining VIP status at a casino. As a high roller, you gain access to a lot of benefits that screams luxury. Even medium and low rollers also enjoy a bit of high life. The following are some of the benefits that accrue to high rollers at a casino.

Luxury hotels

This is one of the most appealing perks for casino visitors. Should you be heading to Las Vegas or Atlantic City to enjoy a series of casino games, a luxury suite or room can be a nice way to get started.

It can be exciting to get a free accommodation in a 5-star hotel, more so when you are welcomed with a bottle of champagne.

Incredible cuisines

Continental dishes and nice cuisines are one of the biggest attractions that come with playing in big casinos. In general, most of these casinos have nice restaurants with top chefs that serve some of the best dishes. You can indulge yourself in taking some Chinese meals or buffets.

Then there’s the booze. Make the most of the best wines and hot drinks on the menu list. The higher you roll, the better the kinds of drinks at your disposal will be.

Extended lines of credit

This is one of the most controversial perks of being a high roller. Most big casinos would usually offer their lines of credit to very high rollers. This gives them the freedom to try to overturn their losses even when their bankroll begins to run out.

This can prove to be a wonderful pro for you if you have very deep pockets. However, if you do not, it can be likened to you digging a deep hole.

What do I need to spend to be regarded as a high roller?

Having gone through these amazing benefits, it is only natural that you want to be a part of this club. Your status as a high roller will usually depend on where you play and what game you play. Most casinos determine whether you are a fit for this status, depending on how much you have won on your player’s card.