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My opinion of what makes a player a good player has changed a lot recently. It’s veritably important for a new poker player to realize what makes a good player and more importantly, how to spot him. However, you’ll have an advantage over him, if you can spot the good player.  

Signs of a good poker player  

  1. He Plays Tight

 It’s the first sign that someone is educated about the starting hands of poker. Because I play shorthanded, I suppose that playing too tight is a problem for some players. I play some shorthanded players who have little chance of winning at each due to this single problem. So what used to be a key to winning 10-handed hold ’em is now the reason they’ve no chance of winning shorthanded… an intriguing point to consider.  

  • He plays aggressive

You just cannot be successful in poker without being widely aggressive. This is indeed more true shorthanded. When he is in a pot, he bets it aggressively.

  • Varies his speed of play

Some opinions take longer than others. I am not talking about the 10 table poker players who might have just happened upon that table being up when it’s his turn to act. I am talking about the people that are playing at the table and are allowed. He must acclimate his play and suppose of every move.

  • He folds his blinds

 Sounds odd; but 30 of the players I play defend their blind 100 of the time. It’s an introductory aspect of Poker that one must realize. The chips are just tools to get you to your thing, which is further chips. You must use the tools to your maximum advantage and not waste chips. 

 You’ll be a stronger player because of it and you’ll be suitable to make applicable moves against him if you can realize these five signs of a good poker player. Flashback, poker is a game of skill and some people are better than others. Spot those good players and acclimate your play consequently.