Live Betting Strategies and Betting Tips

Live Betting Strategies and Betting Tips

Live betting has gained traction and attracted a wide fan base right from when it became a thing; the general consensus is that it is easier to beat the bookies if you bet when the sports game is still ongoing. This is because you are given more room to watch the game in real-time action and make informed decisions based on that.

All bookies offer a huge range of in-play bets for several events, including football, basketball, tennis, and racing.

Basic strategies for successful live betting

No matter the case, never play bets to recover a loss. Live betting is used by many people to attempt to recover after losing a bet. However, going down this route can plunge you into more losses.

One of the golden rules of live betting is that you do not place so many in-play bets at once. Focus on one or two bets, watch out for when the time is right and place your bets.

Rather than rely on match live statistics or other stats like “off-target shots” and “dangerous attacks,” try as much as possible to focus only on games that you are seeing.

Consult stats as much as possible. Analyzing stats is a very powerful weapon you should wield. Doing this well can, in fact, help you get an 80+ winning percentage.


Live analysis: As earlier highlighted, in-play betting allows you to monitor closely what is going on in a match before you place a bet on it.

Value betting: You get more value making in-running bets. Take, for example, a market valued at 1.30 odds pre-match can increase to 1.80 odds at halftime. This is a common scenario in sports like football.

Covering pre-match bets: The cash-out option available is also a brilliant way of making your bankroll safer. Say, for example, you had placed a bet on the underdog pre-match. You can immediately close your bet with profit if they take the lead early on.


Limited time: Unlike pre-match bets, there is only very little time for you to make decisions and place your bets. Emotions could cloud your sense of judgement and lead you to make unnecessary mistakes.