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NBA Analyst Kendrick Perkins feels LeBron James will trade away his close friend Russell Westbrook if that increases his chance of winning a title

LeBron James has received a lot of criticism for bringing in Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers and forming a ‘Big Three’ with him Westbrook and Anthony Davis in the hope to make the team strong enough to win another Championship. While there are reports that James could have gotten hold of current Chicago Bulls superstar DeMar DeRozan or someone like a Buddy Heild instead he got the former Washington Wizard star.

LeBron James is ready to do things to win yet another Championship and that can be bringing in Westbrook or trading him away now that the Lakers are up to something in this offseason.Recently former NBA champion and analyst Kendrick Perkins shared that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook are good friends but the King will not have second thoughts to trade away the guard if it means of having better chances to win the Championship.

“Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are close friends or were close friends. I don’t know the status of their situation, but I do know this: When it comes down to winning and it comes down to the betterment of the team and making a business decision, the one thing I know about LeBron James, he don’t give a damn about feelings,” Perkins shared during ESPN’s ‘Get Up’ podcast.

Perkins highlighted how LeBron will be going far to win another Championship even if it means trading away Westbrook. “He wanna win. If that means having to trade one of his close friends or ‘brother,’ he is going to do that.”

Perkins feels that it is only a matter of time that the Lakers ship Westbrook out and therefore he is very surprised to see Brody attend Lakers’ events like the Summer League. He also pointed out the appointment of Darwin Ham as the head coach was another hint that Westbrook may get traded this offseason.

“I can’t be mad at Russell Westbrook for actually being mad. I’m mad at Russell Westbrook for actually showing up and attending Lakers events like Summer League, like the hiring of Darvin Ham, knowing that they’re trying to trade you. I’m not showing up for nothing. Matter of fact, get me outta here!”

Over the last few weeks there are reports suggesting that Lebron James is looking to reunite with Kyrie Irving who has also fallen out of favour in his franchise Brooklyn Nets. So people are already imagining LeBron coming to terms to trade away Westbrook to get Kyrie to the Lakers as they form a ‘big three’ yet again which may hand all of them a better opportunity to land the Championship.