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Pro Tips to Improve Your Poker Game

If you are looking for poker tips that could come in handy whenever you want to play the thrilling poker game, you have come to the right place. These strategies are not entirely foolproof and won’t guarantee you wins each time you play. However, they would improve your game in general and could help you come out tops in tournaments and cash games.

Hesitate to limp

It is important that you are not the first player to limp. It is completely out of place for a successful poker player who is the first to enter a pot to take the first limp. This should be avoided for the following reasons. To begin with, it is impossible to win the pot before the flop like you would have if you raised. Finally, you give all other players behind, juicy pot odds. This increases the potential of your facing multiple players and hence, limit your chances of winning the pot.

Semi-bluff aggressively

For you to crush other poker players along your way, you need to bluff effectively. Bluffing ineffectively, on the other hand, can expose you and make you lose your money at lightning speed. For best results, let the cards you have dictate whether you should or should not bluff.

Fold when unsure

This is one essential tip both amateurs and professionals should have in mind at all times. The biggest difference between a successful poker player and a below average one is arguably the successful player’s ability to lay down a good hand when they already think they are beaten.

This might sound very simple on the surface. However, it can be quite tricky to do practically. This is because of how brains are wired a bit differently. Naturally, we are inquisitive people and are always looking to win. When we fold, we seemingly give up our chance to win the pot. We also do not satisfy our inquisitive minds by finding out what our opponents have up their sleeves.

Calling too often is one other way to easily lose out in the poker game. In situations where you are unsure whether to call or fold or go for a bet or raise instead, a service or fold would usually be the best option.


Written By: Roland Arum