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States In The US Where Online Gambling Has Been Made Legal

Online Gaming in the United States, unlike many other countries, is regulated by the states. Each state has a set of laws that guides online gambling. Many thanks to modifications to the law and liberalization, many states are now on the bring of making gambling legal.

In spite of ongoing reforms, many states now allow legal online casinos in the United States with liberal operations. The following states have legalized online gambling and hence, have a lot of legal online casinos.

Pennsylvania: This state just newly legalized online gambling. The move to legalize it was kicked off in May 2019. This was followed closely by launching of online casinos in July 2019. There are a host of casinos in the state at the moment. The most popular of these casinos are Draftkings, Bovada and Unibet.

New Jersey: This state is widely considered to be the largest regulated market for gambling in the whole of the United States. The state allows gamblers and bettors to use online casinos within the confines of the law. Its laws are also permissible to online sports betting. Popular online gaming sites hosted in the state include Golden Nugget Online and Virgin casino.

Indiana: Just like Pennysylvania, online sports betting became legal in the state not so far back. Indeed, it was given the nod only late last year. Although there are no big online casino outfits in the state yet, five outfits have already signalled their interest in entering the market. Sports bettors can, however, play via sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Nevada: This is arguably the most liberal state in the world when it comes to gambling. The state has a long history of gambling and gambling companies are always looking to tap into the state’s human resources for their benefits.

Delaware: Delaware will always be remembered in the online gambling world for being one of the earliest approvers of online gambling practices in the state. Sports betting was legalized as far back as 2012 under the PSPA act.

Iowa: Iowa are not in a rush to make online gambling legal in the country. However, sports betting is legalized in the state.

Written by: Roland Arum