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The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Gaming Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the gaming industry, much like most other industries that make up today’s economy.

What started as an epidemic from Wuhan has since been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

With the virus spreading from person to person very quickly, most governments have taken drastic measures to nip the situation in the bud. One prominent measure taken is a ban on social and large gatherings such as sporting events. Some other nations ravaged by the virus have taken even more serious steps like enforcing a shutdown. How exactly has the coronavirus crisis affected the gaming industry?

Closure of many land-based casinos and loss in revenue

A lockdown on large gatherings has inadvertently affected land-based casinos. An enforced closure of many popular brands has led to a reduction in revenue in the industry. This revenue loss is further buoyed by a temporary tourist ban on casino destinations like Macau and Las Vegas. Several casino brands have been shut down to contain the spread of the virus, which can be exponentially propagated in crowds.

Online casino gaming receives a massive boost

The closure of many land-based casinos has only led to an increase in the patronage of online casino gaming. Avid gamblers have now shifted focus from physical gambling to online casino gaming where they can still get entertained even in enforced quarantine situations.

Postponement of major sporting events

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc across many industries, and the sporting industry is not exempted. Major sporting events across the world have been postponed or rescheduled till a much later date even as the number of confirmed cases keeps increasing. The gaming industry isn’t spared either. A shortage in the number of events to wager on has adversely affected the industry.


The coronavirus crisis is taking its toll on the gaming industry. It has left gamblers with only very few options to bet a wager on. Asides denying casino gamers the kind of entertainment they yearn for, it makes it almost impossible to hit the jackpot. Like superman to the rescue, online casino games can provide gamers with as much entertainment as physical casino gaming would.


Written by: Roland Arum