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Nothing is at stake in international friendlies. These games are of importance only when they’re used as warm-ups ahead of important competitions like the World Cup.  

Most club managers find these friendlies a nuisance. Some of them fight tooth and nail with the country managers by refusing to release their star players. There are many cases of team players returning with injuries that greatly jeopardized the clubs’ chances in the league and other competitions. The club vs country debate is always controversial. 

The conventional wisdom is to avoid betting on these friendlies as they’re looked upon as pointless. The results are frequently changeable. But a smart bettor may find value in the uncertainty.  

The following factors can be considered  

  1. Home Advantage Of Intimidating Venue  

Countries like Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan, etc. aren’t the most comfortable places to visit. How do you anticipate the soccer stars to enjoy?  

a) Long breakouts (some countries don’t have links for direct flights). 

 b) Lower than aseptic living terrain and food. 

 c) Strange customs (especially if the country is of a generally different religion).  

d) Climate (it cannot be easy to travel long distances from indurating downtime in Europe to play in a sticky colosseum in Turkey on a summer night).  

  • Team motivation

Delicate to anticipate provocation when the games are considered pointless.

 Still, do be aware of:

 a) The Home team may be more motivated as they’re playing for their country in front of their supporters. 

 b) The game is more likely to be telecast live especially if the Home team is playing a largely ranked team like England. Therefore the Home team will be super charged- up.  

c) Due to the live telecast, this is a good occasion especially for players from an obscure’ country to showcase their gift, hoping to attract the attention of sports scouts of big European clubs.  

d) The game is used to restore public pride. However, there may be provocation to treat the game as a vengeance institution, if the country has been thrashed poorly by their opponent in a former game.  

Conclusion   Most bettors are only familiar with the same many famous teams. Countries that they hardly heard of will automatically be considered as the underdogs. Still, as the results of these are very unpredictable, the smart bettor can spot enormous value in the underdog, especially playing at Home.