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Things to Consider When Choosing Online Casino Bonuses

For most newbies, online casino bonuses isn’t one thing to let slip away. New casino entrants are usually thrifty in their spending. Hence, their willingness to jump on every $100 or $500 bonus that comes their way. If you are on this train, your problems might just have begun.

For most betting sites, you can’t withdraw this sum if you do not wager more money on multiple occasions. Casino bonuses are not usually handed out with your best interests at heart. They are given as incentives to make you place more bets.

Value of bonuses offered

Online casinos can offer as little as three free spins to as much as €6,000. With Bitcoin casinos, you can even get as much as 5BTC for a welcome gift. On the average, that should be worth about $30,000.

Many casinos will award you rewards and bonuses that are proportional to money you invest.

Validity period

The validity period indicates whether you can or cannot use it to make more money. Free 300 spins under 24 hours could be insignificant compared to the same number of spins spread across a week for example. This is because you might be unable to use up all the free spin in 24 hours. Bonuses are no doubt helpful. However, they might not be useful if they have a short validity period. The best casino bonuses are in addition to being bountiful have lengthy validity periods.

Active games

Although some casinos offer you up to €800 in bonuses they limit the number of games you can play using this bonus.  With free spins, you might be limited to just one slot machine. If you are not satisfied with it and have 200 spins to burn for example, you might have to forfeit the free spin or force yourself to play on.

The best online casinos are those that allow you wager free cash on multiple slots and table games. You should also be allowed to wager free cash on your favourite game.

Casinos offering bonuses

In online casinos, there is nothing as painful as having bonus that is inaccessible. $5 from a reputable company is more valuable than $1000 with a brand that won’t give you access to your bonus or earnings. You should therefore stick with reputable online casinos.