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Tips and Tricks to Being Successful at Roulette

Only very few casino games can be trickier for a beginner than a Roulette table. Many would see pressing buttons and reeling wheels as an easier option. Although the roulette table can seem quite difficult to grasp at first, taking your time would ease you into one of the easiest casino games yet.

Frankly speaking, there are no fool-proof methods to this game. However, adopting the following tips and tricks would help you become successful against your opponents in the game.

Manage your money wisely

Money management in Roulette like most other casino games is very important. The rewards for a 30:1 might be very enticing and tempting, speak of a huge jackpot. However, you should know that the odds are heavily against you. Before placing a wager, set a loss limit for yourself, a mark you shouldn’t go past. It is quite easy to get caught up in the middle of gambling, especially when the crowd cheers you on. However, you should note that all losses are losses regardless of the situation and to be a winner, and you should be good at managing your losses.

Eye the edge

The addition of a zero in the American Roulette has resulted in an unfavorable 5.26% increase in its house edge when compared to the European Roulette. The European version has halved its house edge as a result of its use of a single zero to an approximate 2.7%. If you are interested in American Roulette even as a beginner, bear in mind that there is a greater likelihood of the house taking your money.

Stay in control

This is perhaps one of the most salient points on this list. In the heat of the game, when adrenaline are pumping, and the stakes are very high, be sure not to be caught up. At all times, ensure that your emotions are under your control. This is because your emotions have zero effect on the outcomes of a spun wheel. It goes without saying that the calmer you are during a game, the more likely you are to go on a winning streak.


Written by: Roland Arum