Tips on how to win at Baccarat

First and foremost, the player must know all the Baccarat rules before trying his luck at the game. You should also have good strategies, which can help you in winning consistently. We have some useful Baccarat tips for you which can help you in making the right strategies.


Never make the tie bet – There are three bets in Baccarat – Banker, Player and Tie. The first two bets – Banker and Player – have a low house edge of 1.06 and 1.24 respectively whereas Tie has a low house edge of approx 14.4. This means you lose 14.4 units for every 100 units wagered.


Make your first bet on Banker: Making your first bet on the Banker is always a safe option for you. The Banker is expected to win more than 50% of the time. Banker hand gets 95% as Casino takes 5% commission.


Keep going with the Banker until it loses: You should look to capitalize if you notice that a winning streak is being made. However, it is important to not be over aggressive with your betting amounts as streaks can be broken at any time.


Wait one decision after a Banker loss: It is imperative for you to not jump on to the next bet if the Banker’s bet finally loses. Wait for the next decision. Whatever that decision is then that is what you bet accordingly.


Tie bets do not count: If the sequence goes Banker, Banker, Tie, you treat the Tie as if it did not occur. You would therefore continue to bet Banker.


Manage your money: It is crucial for you to manage your money when you’re playing Baccarat. If you are continuously losing, don’t try to increase your bets to win back everything that you have lost in one go.