Roulette Online: How the so-called likelihood principle can possibly beat roulette system


Yes, you are reading it right, you can always come a Winner no matter how bad your winning rate is, what sports you go on, or what bookmakers you join.  

Are you saying,” It’s insolvable!!”?? 

 Ok, ten’s the reality…  

You may make some really bad losing strike one day. Every bookmaker, indeed the professional bettors has a terrible day when every single bet they placed is going to the wrong side. Still, unexpectedly, they manage to collect some gains at the end of the day. 

 These are some secrets that will open your horizon in sports betting  

1. Knowledge is power! Read the form statistics, records, head-to-head, injury lists, fixtures, the psyche of the players, or indeed tradition each team has. Analyze every single aspect of a team precisely before placing your bets and keep yourself streamlined with the news. That is the main key to successful betting. 

 2. Keep winning. Once you hit your winning, cash them in! Don’t be greedy! Withdrawing your winnings before placing presently bets is always a good idea. Enjoy your hard-earned winnings! Do not keep spending your winning cash on subsequent bets just because it’s the luckiest day in your life. That will help you from losing some of them (if not ALL) back to the bookmakers.  

3. Budgeting. Good cash management is important. Set your daily, yearly, or indeed monthly budget, which is the maximum money you’re set to lose. Take control of your finances and that will make your losses not become a big problem because you have calculated them in advance.  

5. Follow the game closely. Most of the bookmakers offer what we call” In handling” or” Live” bets. That means that you can just place bets whilst a match is in progress. Use this point to make your bet a” threat-free” bet.  

For example, you placed a$ 100 bet at-1/ 4 for Chelsea to win over Liverpool. During the game, the odds change drastically, and now the odds come-1/ 4 for Liverpool. This means something is passing on the pitch which gives Liverpool a lesser chance to win. With In- running bets, you can place a contrary bet to back up Liverpool.   With this example, you can NOT lose (indeed though you’ll also not win big), but the important point is you manage to save your$ 100 for a better match with an advanced winning chance.