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Top 5 best online slot games

Slots remain among the most popular casino games. Both in the traditional physical casinos and the online casinos, these games continue to gain popularity.

With the advancement of technology, various versions of slots games have risen. This listicle examines the best and yet the most popular slots games available in the market right now. The major factor ranking these games is the opportunity to bag real money and the easiest to lay and win.

  1. Wheel of fortune: on tour

On tour, wheel of fortune is an interactive video slot game developed by IGT, based on the popular games TV show.  The game is hugely popular in casinos offering real money. Five slots and 30 lines characterize the game. The positive attributes of the game include; in-game bonuses for each slot. The bonuses are automatically redeemed through the activation of certain symbols that appear as an outcome of the spins.

  1. Monopoly mega movers

This game could easily be ranked as the best online slot game of the season. The game, equivalent to the physical board monopoly, has an added advantage over other formats as it integrates all the recent board monopoly symbols. Five reels and 30 pay lines characterize the game; its special features include bonus rewards from the various symbols such as free games.


  • Monopoly: money in hand

Owning massive assets is probably everyone’s dream. It is common knowledge that every opponent works so hard o leave their counterpart bankrupt in a monopoly. The monopoly; money in hand online slot game, developed by WMS, resembles the physical board game. The game is characterized by loud band music, gold trim, and animations of the physical game symbols and has an advantage of countless characters, five reels, and lines a many as 10. There is a bonus advantage; the game allows you to invest in a house or a hotel extension, thus making more money.

  1. Deal or no deal

Developed in the UK by Gamesys, the game is a ‘clone’ of the UK reality show Deal or no  Deal, hosted by Noel Edmunds.  The symbols used in the game depict the reality show,  giving a bonus to the show’s fans. The game is characterized by a 5-real video slot game and 20 lines in total. Its special features include;

  1. Three different coin sizes in the slots.
  2. Each coin size comes with its jackpot.
  3. There is a progressive jackpot.
  4. Bruce Lee: Fire of the Dragon


If you were born during the 80s and late 90s, Bruce Lee surely made your childhood fun and memorable. Through his martial arts movies, one could see himself in his shoes in the years to come. Although that never came to pass, one was elated to discover this online game flagging his mantra. Developed by WMS, the games take on the documentary of Bruce Lee’s life to become the martial arts master we know now. It is characterized by Chinese music and legend symbols. With each of the mini games, one of his movies is revealed in the slots. The game has five reels and 80 lines. Its special characters include;

  1. Free spins
  2. Large winning margins
  3. Spinning to clumped wilds.

Now that you have known the top 5 slot games online, I hope you make the right decision. Invest in a game that is going to leave you entertained and monied. Happy gaming!