Understanding Different Types of Sports Bets and How They Work

One of the most asked question in sports betting and casino is what the best bets to wager on are. What people don’t understand is that there is no bet that is better than the other.

Each bet has its own merits and demerits in the right situation. Below are some of the major bets discussed I details.

1.Straight bets

This is probably the most familiar bet with all sports fan. It is very common to football and basketball fan as it is the most used one. A betting line, often called the point spread, is set.

You can either bet on the games favorite or give up the points or you either bet on the underdogs or get the points. To win this bet, if your bet was on the favorite, they have to win the game by scoring more than the set point spread in order to claim the pot. If your bet was on the underdogs, then they have to win out rightly or lose the game by less than the points spread to cover and win the bet. If there is a tie, it is known as a push and usually no money is lost or gained

2.Total line bets

This is by far the second most popular sports bet. In this type of wagering, a special number is set for the combined final score of both teams and the bets are made by either being under the special number or over the special number. You can bet on a total line by half’s’ if your sport is football or basketball.

3.Head-to-head bet

When it comes to sports like NASCAR or golf, the best bet to place is head-to-head results just between the two players. Whoever finishes the tournament in the first place wins the bet. The bet is very popular to such sports because it is kind of hard to pick an outright winner from the start.

4.Money line bets

When you place a money line bet, then you are picking a team to win out rightly without point spreads. The only challenge facing this kind of bet is usually the amount you have to bet on to pick the favorites against the amount you stand to make if you pick the underdogs. These types of bets come primarily into play for baseball and hockey.

The above types of betting are the ones that are mostly used in sports betting. You can pick the bet that suits you to wager on next time.