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Unorthodox Tips That Can Help Double Your Gambling Winnings

Different gamblers have their unique reasons for playing. While some just play to catch fun, regardless of how much money they are losing, some others are more interested in bagging wins and money. There are still other groups that are just there for the free drinks.

In this article, we will be taking a look at unorthodox gambling tricks you could use to double your winnings at a casino.


When we are talking about boldness, we are talking about the percentage of your bankroll you are willing and ready to wager on any bet.

Take, for example; you’d still be on the conservative side if you had a bankroll of $1000 and were playing $5 hands of blackjack. However, you’d be taking a big, bold step if you played all $1000 on 166 at the roulette wheel. It is laying out 1000% of your bankroll on a single bet.

A maximum boldness strategy is the best way to double your winnings. It might look counterintuitive. But experience has shown that it makes the most sense.

Double your winnings in one swing

It is not uncommon to see many gamblers have their bankroll doubled on a single bet. There are a few others that want to gamble as much as possible. While there is yet another group looking to make a career at the tables. This group of people are otherwise referred to as advantage gamblers. This exclusive group consists of professional card counters, sports gamblers, and poker players.

The special thing about this group of players is that they play at a more advantageous position than their opponents. Taking 1 big shots can turn the tables around and influence the result of any individual outcome to your favour.

You can shift your objective to the long game as soon as you gain a slim advantage over the house. Should you be successful at your long-run objective, you can take advantage of the house by using that edge time and time again. It goes without saying that you must not lose it all before then.

Such a simple strategy, isn’t it? Yet, it is highly underutilized.