What is the secret key to a successful eSports Betting?

Many betting markets attract a great number of punters, but none does it more than eSports-based markets. But when it comes to betting on an eSports market, then you got to have a few betting strategies that you should use to increase your chances of getting the jackpot. Below are some of the eSports strategies you can use explained.

1.Have a staking plan.

This is a plan on the concept of the maximum and minimum amount you place in each bet. The plan can range from fixed to variable.

A fixed staking plan is one where you always bet the same amount of money while variant staking is where you have a system with which you determine the amount of money you are going to bet on. Having this staking plan whenever you are wagering will help you know your limits and at the same time ensuring that you approach your bets more analytically. Remember, ‘good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.

2.Make use of cashouts.

A popular quote states that ‘In the time of crisis, cash is king’. This is true. Cashouts give you the chance to recover your partial winnings on a bet before the match ends.

This is used when a punter feels that a bet will result in a loss or if he has already gained a decent profit on that bet. You can use this feature in eSports if you feel that a team you had betted on will lose but is faring well at that moment. It’s worth saving the little you can rather than lose it all.

3.Bet on totals

This is an interesting eSports betting strategy that includes working with the strength of the market. These bets include total game time, total kills, or total eliminations. They offer great odds of around 1.90 for betting on over or under, making them the best choice if you want reasonable returns.

These are just a few strategies that work miracles when incorporated into your betting life. Play more and learn more tips and strategies on how to bet in eSports and other sports from us!