What To Consider When Betting on Rugby

Zig Ziglar was once quoted saying, ‘You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win.’ This is true when it comes to rugby betting. One must always have a game plan, prepare and after executing the plan, expect to win.

Rugby is one of the top most popular sports today. It attracts a large number of punters. For this reason, one has to have some pro tips to be able to win in rugby betting. Below are some tips and strategies that will get you the winning odds in your favor.

Consider the fitness and the player motivation: The players’ motivation can impact the game positively and negatively. A small unknown team If played in important European fixtures like the Rugby Champions Cup will play more conservatively in these matches. Also, it is good to note that rugby is a game that requires a lot of energy compared to other games. Check both the teams’ motivation and their physicality before placing a bet.

Current ranking: Analysing the current ranking of both teams before placing a bet is extremely important. This is because rugby is often cyclical to all levels. An example is that rugby is mostly dominated by teams from the southern hemisphere like South Africa and Australia. You can use this historical dominance period into considerations whenever you want to predict rugby.

Keep an eye on the international calendar: Before placing a bet, it is extremely important to consider the team’s schedule of training. Also, it is important to consider the crucial influence some renown players can have if they miss a match. A team that has no international player commit elsewhere can have the advantage of winning the match compared to one in which some players are playing in international competitions.

These are just some of the many strategies one can use when placing a bet on rugby. Be sure you have all the information required before you decide to wager