casino after covid

Will Casinos Be Safe Post COVID-19?

Land casinos have now been closed for a month and over – in so many countries – since the coronavirus crisis hit the world hard. However, with several countries easing their lockdown policies, many casinos have shown signs of making a return.

When those doors swing open to embrace casino enthusiasts and big money spenders, how many will actually go in? Are these casinos safe? These and many other questions have been sweeping through our minds and possibly yours as well.

Just like it is expected for many industries post COVID-19, casinos could see a change in their working culture. Several individuals are already knackered from the stay-at-home order and will be looking to stretch their legs, playing under fancy casino lights once again.

However, with the rate at which the virus spreads, many might be scared of visiting public places, moreso, casinos in the early months of post Covid.

The management of casino brands are aware of this plausible change in gaming patterns and are likely going to incorporate safety measures to make them have a rethink. Here are what we expect to see at casinos post-coronavirus.

Protective gear: Casinos would most likely make the wearing of face masks and gloves compulsory across the board. Other protective measures that can be deployed is the provision of hand sanitizers and wipes at the entry point of the casino.

Social distancing of slot machines: To encourage social distancing, casinos may decide to give slot machines the recommended spacing of 6ft. This limits the contact between individuals and can help mitigate the quick spread of the virus.

Temperature checks: Gamers are most likely going to be tested at the casino entry point. Any casino visitor with a body temperature of 100 degrees Celsius might be asked to see a doctor or turned way.

Closure of restaurants and night club: To reduce congestion, the casino might decide to close off other side attractions like restaurants, night clubs and restaurants. Gamers will be restricted to moving only within the gaming area.

Most casino brands are earnestly waiting on orders by state governors and presidents. Following an order to reopen, most casinos are likely going to go by these safety measures to keep their customers safe.


Written by: Roland Arum