Your Exclusive Guide to eSports Betting in 2021

eSports betting is the newest and the fastest-growing addition to land-based and online sports betting activity.

A good majority of players in this sector are from the younger demographics, and the numbers of new accounts being created with the esports betting sites keep growing, as most video game enthusiasts find it more exciting and lucrative than traditional sports betting.

Although the niche is relatively new in the industry, there is a good number of regulated bookmakers with a good reputation where players canbet on esports safely. Everyone can enjoy esports betting, but punters who are familiar with video games and have a keen eye enjoy it the most, as they are very similar to virtual sports.

Are eSports the Same as Virtual Sports?

While esports has a close resemblance to virtual sports betting, the two have major differences that set them apart. While virtual sports involve simulations of imaginary sports and athletes and the matches settled in minutes. The outcome here is determined by algorithms of computer software, and the players have no control over the outcome, as is the case in a VR casino game.

Punter bets on markets as they would a real sporting event, then watch the virtual sports action on a screen, and the winnings are paid out after the highlights.However, when it comes to esports, real people play each other in video games. When you log in to bet on an esports betting platform, you bet on teams or individuals that compete with others at the highest level of the sport across the world on esports tournaments.

In eSports betting, esports is designed to allow the players to play each other competitively. You then bet on a match’s outcome, where the sport can be between two teams or two individuals, and the prize pools can be anywhere between thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. Examples of esports include Counter-Strike, Defense of the Ancients 2 (Dota 2), League of Legends, Global Offence, Rainbow 6 Siege Betting, Call of Duty Betting, and Overwatch Betting.

6 Tricks to Apply on eSports

1. Rely not on one esport betting site

Take time to gauge the odds from several esports betting operators so as to determine the quality of odds that each one of them has on offer, and which site has better offers which would result in large profits if you won the bet. Gauging the odds offered gives you an insight as to which tournament the betting site favours and the team likely to win the tournament would be the one whose associated odds quality is lower.

2. Play the game

eSports are based on computer games and to understand how an eSports tournament game works, you will need to understand how that game works, its rules, its models, helpful techniques, and the characters. When you polish up on the game, you polish up on your skills, and higher skills are vital in outwitting an opponent. Also, understanding how the game may play out will help find value in different bets.

3. Know the teams and players in the tournament

The next step after doing your research on the game is researching the competing teams and players. Research on whether the organization is using dedicated teams, if the team members have changed over time, or have acquired a strong gamer from another organization, all of which can influence the outcome of the game, and in turn a win or loss on your bet.

4. Check statistics and views of the gaming community

Before placing an esports bet, understand the nature of esports competitions, past team rankings, and tournament results, and fixtures history. Reviewing statistics against recent performance will help you arrive at a team with a better chance of winning to bet on. Also, staying in touch with the esports gaming community and tapping into the views of reliable enthusiasts can be of great help when betting.

5. Make use of cash out

A punter can use cash out, which means retrieving winnings on an esports bet partially before the match is done, should they feel like the bet they placed may end up being a loss. Also, they can Cash Out when they feel they already have decent profit from the bet they placed and would not wish to risk losing it. Do not be afraid to use Cash Out, very many players in eSports betting use it.

6. Know your strengths

For starters, it is advisable to find that esports game you are good at first and become an expert in it. When you are well versed with a particular esport game, you can easily identify value bets and make better decisions on betting, knowing way too well to work with smaller budgets. Once you have mastered one esport, then you can go ahead and master another to diversify your bets, and so on.